In the west of England, near the Shropshire county, a Templar temple, unknown to the present day, was found.

The temple was found by the local inhabitants. Their attention was attracted by an unusual rabbit hole, placed on a farm field. It turned out that this was a hidden entrance to the sanctuary.

According to the experts, this temple was built about 700 years ago. The exact date is difficult to establish. Such dungeons were used by the representatives of the Knights Templar. Similar structures were a refuge for Christians of Ancient Rome during the persecutions.

Who are the Knights Templar?

They are the representatives of the military-Christian order, founded by a small group of knights in the early 12th century. This organization was created to protect pilgrims who were heading to the Holy Land. But sometimes the Order acted as a state army.

Other names of the Order

Order of the poor knights of Christ

Order of the poor brothers of the Jerusalem Temple

Order of the Templars