The season of holidays is approaching. Many people seek to tidy themselves up after a long winter. Much attention should be given to the figure since it suffers a lot during the cold weather. Excessive consumption of high-calorie foods adversely affects the waistline. To quickly come back to normal state, tea will help. Decreased appetite and loss of extra kilograms you are guaranteed. What exactly do you need to brew for weight losing?


Tea made from fruits and leaves of blackberries improves digestion, promotes the more effective functioning of the gastrointestinal tract. In addition, this drink reduces appetite.


The decoction of currant leaves cleanses the intestines. Drinking half a cup of this tea before eating, you will significantly improve your health and eat less during dinner.


This drink improves the secretion of gastric juice. Consequently, the food is quickly digested. This is beneficial for the figure and overall well-being.