Taste Buddy Spoon alters the taste of food.

British scientists from the University of London have created a spoon, which can change the taste of food. The invention was called Taste Buddy. It was presented to the public at the exhibition of young scientists and engineers Big Bang, which took place in Birmingham.

According to the scientists, this new device can bring great benefit to the people. Thanks to this spoon, a person will be able to switch easily to a healthy diet.

The appliance Taste Buddy allows people to feel the sweet or salty taste of the food, even if it is not really in the dish.

The principle of Taste Buddy Spoon

This device produces a small electrical charge. Current stimulates the people’s receptors which are responsible for the perception of taste. So, by eating the usual cabbage, a person feels the taste of sweet buns.

According to the researchers, the new device may be represented not only in the form of a spoon but also of any other kitchen appliance.

The scientists are not going to stop there. They will improve their invention and teach the instrument to create more complicated tastes.

A similar device has been already developed by the scientists at the University of Abu Dhabi. But according to the people who have tested it, the food had a metallic taste.