Tangerines are usually associated with the New Year. Even twenty years ago, the residents of former Soviet states were eating these fruits mostly in winter. Today, this sweet fruit is available to us all year round.

Tangerines are not only delicious but also very useful. According to the nutritionists, these fruits bring tangible benefit to our body.

Benefits of eating

Firstly, tangerines contain a large amount of vitamin C. It strengthens the immune system and helps to fight colds.

Secondly, vision will be enhanced. Vitamin A contained in mandarins improves blood circulation in the eye sockets.

Third, these citrus reduce the amount of cholesterol. Therefore, the likelihood of problems in the heart decreases.

In addition, these sweet fruits increase appetite and improve digestion.

Using the mandarin peel

The peel can also be useful in the household. You can cook an aromatic tea from it. Also, it is possible to make tasty candied fruits. Peel of citrus fruits is used as a seasoning. Fans of home liqueurs infuse them on the mandarin peel. Dried tangerine peel will be an excellent remedy against moths.

Be careful!

Like all citrus fruits, tangerines can cause allergic reactions. Do not abuse this fruit. Everything is good of moderately.