The constructors began to think of creating the superfast airplanes to transport passengers even in the middle of the last century. In the 1950s supersonic aircraft became part of combat aircraft. The development of jet engines carried out rapidly.

And just 20 years later the first supersonic aircraft appeared. It was designed specifically for the transport of passengers. The flying machines of the new sample have been made in the Russian company. Fast Tu-144 went to the sky. The supersonic Concorde got off the French conveyor.

But the invention was not popular among the airlines because they were too expensive.  The price for the tickets was much higher than the price for ordinary aircraft flights. Tu-144 flew less than a year. Concorde’s life was longer, but not too varied. It went out of service in 2003. But all this time Concord was used by only a few airlines.

Resumption of production

Still, aircraft constructors can not accept the fact that the supersonic airliners were forgotten unjustifiably. In 2010, the experts have begun to develop new aircraft models, which would be more accessible to the consumers.

Modern developments

Business Jet S-512

Startup from Boom Technologies