Near the island of Mauritius, at the bottom of the Indian Ocean, a sunken continent was found.

Before the collapse of the supercontinent Gondwana, a tectonic plate was situated between India and Madagascar. But it disappeared nearly 90 million years ago.

Research to detect sunken continent was conducted under the control of South African paleogeology Luis Eshval. His discovery the scientist described in detail in the journal Nature Communications.

The Earth’s crust is made up of old and new continental plates. The older are thicker. Young ones are relatively thin. Mauritius had formed as a result of a volcanic eruption about 10 million years ago. But scientists have found fragments dating back billions of years old. Moreover, the archaeologists have found zircon. This material is characteristic just for continental breeds.

Earlier findings

Earlier zircon particles have been found on the Mauritian coast. But then scientists have suggested that the mineral was brought by a wave from the other side. A new discovery was found in the frozen rocks of the island.