Even if you do not have ideal forms, this does not mean that you should not care about your appearance. Each representative of the fair sex must have stylish clothes, in spite of the figure’s parameters.

Which dress should women with curvy shapes prefer? Of what things is it better to refuse?


Every girl should have this element of the clothes. Choosing a dress, pay attention to the neckline area. As a rule, plump ladies have a lot to show. Emphasize the advantages using an oval or v- neckline. Give preference to models with an overestimated waist. So you will be able to hide some imperfections of the figure. Pay attention to the length of the dress. Midi dresses or models in a floor will suit for buxom girls. It is better to abandon of mini.


Choose classic models. Trousers of straight or flared cut will emphasize your advantages. Refrain from tight samples. If you like clothes with pictures, it is better to give preference to larger ornaments. The small print will add kilos. This applies not only to the trousers but also to other things.


Tips for choosing a skirt are intertwined with dresses. Mini is banned. Tight model — with caution. To make the figure more slimness, combine the skirts and dresses with shoes on heels. So you will look attractive and elegant.


When choosing blouses, give preference to loose cut. You can buy form-fitting model, but not too tight. It is better to choose blouses and shirts with sleeves. Often the hands are the problem area for obese women. If you really want to buy a jacket without sleeves, wear it with an elegant shawl. And do not forget about the v-neckline.

Be stylish in any weight!