In the UK, more than three thousand post offices employees went on strike. The reason for this situation was the mass closure of post offices, as well as changes in labor legislation. It is expected that the strike will be held on Monday, Tuesday and Saturday. This is the busiest time of the year for postal services, because of Christmas.

In addition, the strike of employees of the railway company Southern England is continuing. This organization provides services to local trains that connect the capital of Britain with Hampshire, Kent and Sussex.

Together with the postal and railway workers, the employees of British Airwaves are planning to go on strike. They are not satisfied with the level of wages. Perhaps this protest can be avoided through the negotiations. Conciliatory dialogue is scheduled for Monday.

Scientific point of view

According to professor of sociology Roger Seyfurt, these problems had been brewing for a long time. Dissatisfaction with working conditions is observed among the employees in the different industries. The professor believes that long period of struggle for the rights of the working population begins in the UK.