Strava gave users information on the location of military bases

Various applications that help to plan athletic loads properly and make statistics of achievements are becoming more popular. But here’s the special services they can provide problems, said military analyst Nathan Rasser. He said in his tweet that despite the fact that the Strava app itself is wonderful, it jeopardizes the security of servicemen.

The fact is that recently all users of the application could notice routes marked in red, on the desert territory of Syria and Afghanistan.

Strava provides a world map with routes for training. A global network that unites users, marks the most popular routes in bright colors. The more you use the route, the better it is visible on the map. Usually, all major cities are simply dotted with such lines. But the attention of users was riveted by the fact that «popular» was the place, which should be generally almost deserted. Soldiers, who, apparently, made daily jogs along a certain path, used the Strava program.

Thus, the outlines of the military bases of the United States and other countries became clearly visible. When the map is enlarged, you can even approximately find out the distance between the hulls.

And most importantly — the identifier Strava allows you to see a specific person who has passed this route and observe all his movements. This indicates the absence of anonymous users. In general, recently there are restrictions on the use of electronic devices by the military on classified territories. But the developers of Strava assure us that there are no reasons for concern, because in the settings you can add some private zone.

Nevertheless, in a short period of time, the data of these maps were published. And there are no places found on Google and Apple. The military units of the British were found on the Foklands. The military is already assessing the risks associated with the disclosure of such data.