South Korean stewardesses of Korean Air can use stun guns to subdue the most aggressive passengers. The application of this device is possible if the people on the plane behaves too violently.

Earlier, flight attendants could use shockers only in the case of a real threat to the lives of crew members or passengers.

All stewardesses will take a training course where they will learn to use this special device.

Reasons for permission to apply a shocker

The leaders of Korean Air airlines allowed their employees to use electro shocker after a recent incident. During the flight, one of the passengers behaved aggressively, attacked the people around him. Flight attendants were not able to provide the necessary resistance to brawler. An opportunity of linking him appeared only thanks to the support of the American singer Richard Marx. After arriving home, Marx expressed his dissatisfaction with the work of airline employees. An indignant message was written on the page in a social network. The company’s managers have taken note of the criticism and allowed to apply shockers.