Today, the people of Ireland celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, the patron of the state. According to the legend, it was St. Patrick who brought Christianity to Ireland.


This day everything is painted green, even rivers. People organize solemn parades, dress up in bright costumes, sing songs.

Also, an attribute of this day is clover. Shamrock must be present on the clothes of parade participants.

Clover did not accidentally become a symbol not only of St. Patrick’s Day but of the whole of Ireland. While conducting his sermons, Patrick used a shamrock to explain the unity of God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

St. Patrick's Day

Fairy-tale heroes

Another symbol of this holiday are the leprechauns. According to the legend, these characters have a pot of gold. And if a person catches a leprechaun, he will become the owner of wealth. Just do not trust these little pranksters too much, because they are cunning and insidious.

Official day off

This holiday received the status of the state in Ireland and was declared a day off. The inhabitants of the country, to honor the saint, prepare national dishes: roast chicken, stew lamb, black pudding, etc. The Irish drink all the food with a traditional beverage — ale.