According to the WHO scientists, South Korea will be a real country of long-livers. It is assumed that after thirteen years, the average life expectancy of South Korean women will be equal to 90 years.

Other countries are also seeking to increase this figure. For example, in Japan, Switzerland, France and Spain, life expectancy for women in the average will be 88 years.

Men are slightly behind of the fairer sex. According to Imperial College London, in 2030 the average life expectancy for men in South Korea, Australia and Switzerland will reach 84 years.

Reasons for age increasing

The scientists believe that the situation in South Korea is related to the improvement of the economic situation. Medicine has become more accessible for the inhabitants of the country. In addition, Koreans rarely suffer from overweight and smoke little.

America lags behind

The life expectancy in the United States of America is lower than in other developed countries. The experts attribute this situation to the high level of infant mortality, violence, and murder. In addition, an important role is played by a high degree of obesity of the American population.

The experts predict that in 2030 the average life expectancy for women in the USA will be 83 years, and men – 79.5 years.