Sony decided to return to the market Aibo puppy, the first version of which was released in 1999

Aibo from Japanese means love affection, and also it is an abbreviation of «Artifical Intelligence roBOt». There were five different models of a cute robot. And now the updated version of Aibo conquered all visitors to the exhibition in Las Vegas. Sony in the press conference was not verbose. In general, the successes of the corporation and plans for the future were mentioned. After the introduction before the public Aibo appeared (model ERS-1000). Everyone was touched. And it’s not surprising, the robot-dog became even more realistic and interesting.

The design has become even more streamlined and neat. Puppy learns his master among all the others and performs his commands. Eyes — two round OLED-display, which cover the eyelids, so that the look of the puppy looks very lively and bewitching.

Thanks to the actuators, the robot moves on 22 axes, and now the movements of the puppy look even more natural. Of course, for so many built-in batteries, the charge lasts for about two hours. But when the battery is running low, the puppy will find his docking station in the form of a nice rug, and will be recharged.

Aibo constantly learns new tricks, adapts to the surrounding people and even finds things that «make him happy.» In addition, the data about the robot gather in the cloud, access to which is from its owners. Also there is a mobile application My Aibo, in which you can configure the robot and see the photos that are made with the built-in camera. And download from the store new puppy skills and tricks.

The cost, of course, is considerable — about $ 1,700, and also every month $ 26 for a monthly subscription. But despite this, a lot of people want to get a «pet».