Undoubtedly, travelers noticed that the sockets in different countries differ from each other. It’s not always possible to charge your gadget abroad with the help of a native charger. Why is this happening? The fact is that, by laying an electricity grid in different corners of the planet, the companies used those sockets that were available. They differed in appearance. And now, modern people face certain difficulties while visiting other states.

Types of sockets

To date, there are quite a lot of varieties of sockets. What exactly are they?

American. Such devices are common in the USA and Japan.

European. These sockets are used in the territory of the European Union, in the CIS countries, Egypt, Algeria.

British. Such a species is popular in Foggy Albion, as well as in the former British colonies.

Australian. Sockets of this type are used not only on the Green Continent, but also in other parts of the world: China, New Guinea, Fiji, etc.

Israeli. The device is used only in Israel and Palestine.

Danish. Such sockets are used in Denmark, Bangladesh and Maldives.

To feel confident in any country, before going on a trip, get an adapter.