Social Messaging Service Snapchat has introduced a new feature for its users.

This function applies to users who have children. For the safety of children, Social Messaging Service Snapchat, introduced the ability to control the movement of users. This function works only in the field of registered users, so parents, whose children communicate in this chat, will be able to follow the life of adolescents. This innovation is realized by means of a map. On this map are all the streets and houses so it will be much easier to find other users. It should be noted that the location on the map will not be available until the user updates Snapchat.

Not all users liked this update.

Some users began to resent that these data are personal information on the Internet. Also, not all children and adolescents use this application. And even more so, no one is responsible for the personal safety of the user. After all, any person can find the location of his friend or another user on the map. In the event of any attacks from users, it remains unclear who will be held liable. The service of social messages Snapchat has not written about it anywhere and relies more on the decency of users. More people are afraid of the possibility of monitoring all users in a certain area of the city. But some people are still happy with the new updates. After all, for some, this is the only way to keep carry of your children. Also this application will be useful in case of loss of the child. After all, the map will be able to track the last location, which will speed up the search and give it more effective.

It should also be noted that according to research, last year, the Social Messaging Service Snapchat attracted about 11.2 million users. Of these, 75% are teenagers between the ages of 16 and 19 who live in the UK. Proceeding from this, most likely this update will be successfully used by parents. The main thing is to make sure that the child has an updated application and there is access to the cards.