The government of New York has imposed a state of emergency. The reason for this was a snow storm that hit the state. The name of this natural disaster is Stella.

Due to a heavy snowfall, classes in educational institutions are suspended. Also, the flights at the airport are canceled.

The UN headquarters, which is located in New York, temporarily stopped working.

The mayor asked the inhabitants not to leave their homes. Thus, utilities can clear the streets of snow more quickly.

Canceling an official visit

The meeting of German Chancellor Angela Merkel with American President Donald Trump, planned for these days, is also canceled due to bad weather. According to preliminary data, Merkel’s visit was postponed to March 17.

Prognosis of weather forecasters

The meteorologists suggest that 30-40 cm of precipitation falls in New York. Gusts of wind can reach 70 km/hour. The experts say that this is the most severe storm in winter 2016-2017.