A modern person can hardly imagine the life without gadgets. Every day we use phones, tablets, and other devices. Without them, it is hard to perform certain functions, for example, pay utility bills or check the schedule of trains. Devices have become a part of the daily lives of almost every person on the planet. The cost of gadgets is not very low, so you should pay enough attention to the care and proper use of technical devices. One of the most commonly used gadgets is a smartphone. It serves us to communicate, access the Internet, as a player, like a toy… All the features of modern gadgets are difficult to enumerate. Much depends on the device model and the applications that are installed on it.

If we want our smartphone to serve longer, we should use it properly. Pay attention to the advice of experts.

Periodically switch off your phone

According to the experts, it will prolong the battery life. Therefore, you can use the device longer. Also, the specialists do not recommend to use the alarm clock on your phone.

 Do not place the smartphone on lasting many hours charging

We often put the phone on charge before sleeping. Then we turn off the power of the gadget in the morning. The experts say that such manipulation has a negative impact on battery functioning.

Do not use someone else’s charger

The unique charger is developed for each model of smartphone. The use of «non-native» device shortens battery life. This is the opinion of experts.

Do not charge smartphone to 100%

The developers of smartphones give this advice. They argue that modern batteries operate best at a constant charging to 50-80%.

Clean your smartphone

According to the phone manufacturers, a device collects more germs than the toilet seat. This is not surprising, because we almost always hold the smartphone in our hands, pull out on the street or on public transport. From time to time, you should wipe the gadget with a soft cloth. Ultraviolet radiation can be used for disinfection of device. Also, do not forget to clean out the dust from the charge jack.

Turn off location services

Constant use of this function has a detrimental effect on the battery. Switch on it only when this is really necessary. This also applies to the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The applications that are constantly working, very quickly drain the battery of the smartphone. The service life of the device is also reduced.

Do not carry the phone in your hand

Smartphones can very easily slip out of your hands and scatter into small pieces. You will be very disappointed. In addition, it increases the likelihood of stealing your gadget if you walk down the street, demonstrating it to others.