The quality and quantity of sleep affect the person’s weight. This is a conclusion of the American scientists. They found that there was a direct link between the concepts of “sleep and weight”. The less a person sleeps, a probability to gain excess kilograms is bigger.

It turns out that the whole reason is in hormones. During sleeping, a person produces a substance called leptin. Exactly this hormone regulates the amount of body fat and reduce appetite. if people have a lack of sleep their organisms produce another substance. It is called ghrelin. This hormone sends a signal to the brain that you need eat. Therefore, it is necessary to sleep enough, if you do not want to grow fat.

Besides, the more a person is asleep, the less time it remains on the food. So, it is less likely to gain extra weight.

Also, sometimes people tend to “eat” tiredness. Having less rest you reach for food more often. This fact is also proven by the scientists.

Sleep at least 6 and no more than 9 hours a day has a beneficial effect on your organism. Of course, this is not a panacea for obesity. But you’ll see a positive effect. It is also important not to abuse the food during wakefulness, do sports, and lead a healthy lifestyle. And then the perfect figure will be provided for you.