Skin cancer, what disease is it?

Skin cancer has a second medical name — melanoma. The etymology of the word is of Greek origin. This disease is very dangerous, primarily because the last stage of skin cancer is virtually incurable. The body of each person is covered with benign tumors, namely moles. But with the influence of certain factors, a benign tumor can get malignant. It’s already invented the strongest drugs and procedures for the treatment of this disease in the world. But the statistics of deaths from the disease increases by about 5% every year.

To date, skin cancer has killed four times more people than 30 years ago.

It is a terrible statistics that makes you think about the reasons for such rapid development of the disease in the world. The first factor is the development of tourism, since people are willing to spend several weeks on the sunny coasts of southern countries. Also, the rapid increase in melanoma patients is affected by ecology, which leaves much to be desired in most cities. And, of course, the beauty industry, which in the 21st century has become the most popular sphere of activity. Many procedures detrimentally affect a person’s body, especially with their constant use.

Factors in which you need to see a doctor.

The first sign of skin cancer can be an increase in birthmarks in a short time. Also, the disease can affect the pigmentation of the skin, a sharp increase in the skin, or vice versa. If unpleasant sensations in place of a mole, you need to see a doctor. Such sensations can be burning, itching, tingling and pain. Hair loss on the surface of a mole is also a very bad sign. For any of these signs, you need to contact a dermatologist who will prescribe a biopsy if it’s necessary. This analysis should determine the presence of malignant cancer cells.

The initial stages of skin cancer are treatable. But before that, the doctor should examine the entire body, determine the number of metastases and then prescribe one of the types of treatment. Skin cancer is treated by surgical intervention, which implies the removal of problem areas on the skin, as well as several layers of the skin itself under malignant formation. The second method of treatment is the extraction of regional lymph nodes, provided that the patient has a high risk of recurrence. The following types of treatment are used in most cancers. Such methods are chemotherapy, radiotherapy and symptomatic therapy, as well as palliative treatment.

To prevent skin cancer, you must follow the following tips.

First of all do not neglect the visit to the doctor. Early diagnosis of the disease can save the patient from a fatal outcome. Also, try to stay in the sun for no more than 11 hours and be sure after 4 pm. It is at this time that the sun is more sparing for our skin. Also do not get carried away by procedures of a sun deck in beauty salons. Watch yourself and your life and then any illness is not terrible, and skin cancer, including.