Each country is famous for some special, unique dish. Its components are dependent on the geographical location of the state, the traditions of the people, the features of their culture. Any tourist, coming to a new country, wants to taste a local signature dish. Some culinary traditions have long gone beyond the regions where they are most popular.

A signature national dish is a kind of business card of the state, its distinctive feature.

What dishes can surprise you in the different parts of the world?

Georgia — khachapuri. This aromatic, very tasty cake became popular far beyond the borders of its homeland.

Netherlands — herring. Not surprisingly, herring is considered the signature dish of this country. After all, Holland is located on the shores of the North Sea.

Italy — pizza. There is hardly a person who has not eaten this Italian dish. Pizza is served at the many cafes around the world. In addition, it is prepared at home by people in the countries very far from Italy.

The UAE — shawarma. Roll of pita stuffed with meat has been gaining popularity in many countries of the world. This is one of the varieties of street food.

The USA — hamburger. Anyone who wants a quick lunch, remember about this food. Everybody eats hamburger, regardless of social status and political views.

China — Peking duck. This dish is a calling card of the Celestial Empire. It is served in the restaurants. This meal is cooked to entertain important guests.

Japan — sushi. Traditional Japanese cuisine has long been cooking in the various parts of the world. However, the recipes are different from the original, but the taste of the dish doesn’t get worse from this.

Spain — paella. This dish is a symbol of Valencia. Its basis consists of rice, spices and olive oil. Often, seafood is added.

Turkey — kebab. Another type of street food which gained popularity in the territory of many countries of the world.

Hungary — goulash. Many people engaged in the cooking of this meat dish, are not aware of the origins of it. Goulash is a Hungarian national dish.

Russia — dumplings. The successful combination of dough and minced meat fell to people’s taste all over the world.

Ukraine — borscht. This is the first dish is popular not only at home but also far beyond its borders. For example, in Canada, which is home to the largest Ukrainian diaspora.