In today’s world selfie is becoming increasingly popular. The London art gallery of Charles Saatchi will exhibit self-portraits. The exhibition will contain not only modern examples of selfie but much earlier. For example, a self-portrait of the famous Dutch painter-postimpressionist Vincent van Gogh. As well as a picture with the image of the artist Peter Paul Rubens, personally written by him.

The exhibition is scheduled for March 31. Next to the famous works of art, the most creative amateur photographer will be able to present his masterpieces. To this, the gallery employees posted in social networks hashtag #SaatchiSelfie. The most original selfie of ordinary inhabitants of the world will be chosen.

The word “selfie” has recently entered the life of modern people, but in 2013 it was recognized word of the year according to the Oxford dictionary.

The special mission of the exhibition

The organizers also want to draw public attention to the issue of injury while taking photos. Every year more and more people are wounded or killed in the pursuit of the best scenes.

Self-Portrait by Vincent van Gogh