A lot of tourists have rushed to Japan. This is not surprising since the season of cherry blossom has begun. The inhabitants of the Land of the Rising Sun celebrate this event at the state level. The holiday even has a special name — Khanami, which means «contemplation of flowers».

The solemn event takes place in the main park of Tokyo — Shinjuku. In this action, prominent politicians, members of the imperial family, and also most of the citizens take part.

If the weather is good, then cherry blossom will last for 7-10 days. According to the local television, the timing of flowering of trees in different parts of the country has already been announced. To make the cherry tree more spectacular it is illuminated with light bulbs, in the evening.

An ancient tradition

Observation of cherry blossom is an old custom. It was introduced in the tenth century at the imperial court. The aristocrats had been gathering under the trees, drinking light beverages, amusing themselves and thinking about the transience of life.