Salt lamps are widely used in recent years. This compact device can be both a wonderful addition to your interior and also will have a positive impact on the health of all family members.

What is this device? This is a stand with a bulb, which is worn the salt bowl. There are other types of lamps, in which the salt is poured into a special cup. Depending on the imagination of the designer a lamp can acquire completely different form: houses, fairy-tale characters, animals or plants.

Raw materials for the lamps are mined in the Himalayas.

The operating principle of the luminary

The salt is heated by the light bulb and starts to produce negative ions. These particles spread throughout the room. They purify the air, saturate it with iodine and other beneficial trace elements.

Benefits for the body

For the treatment of respiratory diseases, doctors often advise patients to visit the salt room. If you do not have such an opportunity or enough time, then it is possible to use a salt lamp instead of it. This device can work around the clock at your home, providing a therapeutic effect. The lamp neutralizes viruses in the air, prevents the appearance of fungus on the walls. In addition, its muted luminescence has a positive effect on the mental state of a person.

A salt lamp is indispensable in a room with high humidity. But it should not be installed in the bathroom, as well as in close proximity to water. The lamp can be moldered.

A salt lamp can be used near the child’s bed at night. In this case, it will bring a double benefit.

Assortment of products

When you choose a lamp, pay attention to the variety of sizes. The bigger lamp is, the wider is the range of its action.

Also, the colors of these products are quite extensive. Every person chooses according to the own taste.

This lamp can be just a piece of salt rock with a hole for the candle.

Important! There are no contraindications for the use of the salt lamps.