The new invention is «SafeCap»

A lot of accidents are constantly happening because the driver behind the wheel has fallen asleep. Ford presented a novelty, which in the future will help to avoid this. The device is simple. It looks like an ordinary headdress. But inside — sensors and sensors. With their help, «SafeCap» «knows» when the driver starts to fall asleep. Then, with light and vibration signals, she informs him about it.

Scientists found out that the head of a person who falls asleep, sitting, makes certain movements. The analyzed data was recorded on the device. With the help of a gyroscope and an accelerometer, the cap identifies movements and recognizes a sleepy state.

The cap was tested for eight months. «SafeCap» is recognized as a very useful invention. Its implementation should help in reducing accidents on the roads.

Especially it should help truckers who systematically spend many hours driving a car.

At this time, the product must be certified. The company promised to share this technology with their partners and customers.

Recently, more and more countries are looking for a solution to the problem of frequent accidents. Even released an unmanned taxi. The situation requires the search for new solutions. England managed to reduce the death rate by 7% over the past few years. Basically, due to the constant analysis of problems, and the search for appropriate solutions. In particular — the improvement of the road surface. Also, a thorough examination of the traffic rules — only a few can pass it from the third time.