In the many cities of Ukraine and Russia, song flashmob has been held. The essence of this event lies in the fact that people are going to the stations and perform all the favorite songs.

In the city of Novokuznetsk, such action took place. It was attended by the famous Russian actor Vladimir Mashkov. He, along with other people, sang a song of Leonid Utesov “By the Black Sea”. This musical composition is dedicated to the hero-city of Odessa.

This song was used in the film “Liquidation”. V.Mashkov played the main role in the movie. The film story is told about the first post-war years of life in Odessa. Unfortunately, the broadcasting of this movie is prohibited on the territory of Ukraine. The decision was taken by the National Council on Television and Radio Broadcasting.

Song flashmobs have taken place in such Ukrainian cities as Zaporozhye, Odessa, and Kharkiv. The Zaporozhians sang a song from the film “Spring on Zarechnaya Street”, the Odessans sang ” Smuglyanka”, inhabitants of Kharkov pleased with the song “Old Maple”, and Donetsk residents sang a song from the film “Officers”.

At the Kiev railway station in Moscow, people sang the song “Rozpryagayte, hloptsі, koney.” 

Flashmob at the station in Novokuznetsk with Vladimir Mashkov