By the end of the year, all Russian trains will bypass Ukraine

The Ministry of Defense has completed the construction of a new branch of the railway that does not cross the borders of Ukraine. It connects Zhuravka in the Voronezh region and Millerovo in the Rostov region. Freight trains have already tested a new way. And by the end of the year they are planning to transfer all Russian trains to this line.
The reason for this decision was a rather shaky situation in Ukraine, which could have a negative impact on Russia’s communication with other territories.
The new railway line has a length of 137 km. Seven new stations have been created. On its way 318 km of power lines, five bridges and one viaduct. Passenger trains will be moving at a speed of 140 km / h (in the future — 160), freight trains — up to 90 km / h. The country spent about 56 billion rubles on this project.

This route is part of the road that connects Asia with Europe. It is extremely important for the economic relations of the countries of this territory. Therefore, its security and stability can not be jeopardized. Cargoes must be delivered without delay. And new customs posts would prevent this. By the way, this is not Russia’s first experience in the construction of bypass roads. Earlier, Russian trains traveled with St. Petersburg, through Lithuania, to Kaliningrad. Later, the country prevented this, and in exchange a ferry service was established.
The construction of a new section of the railway was planned for a long time, and the complication of the situation with Ukraine only served as an impetus to that.

For settlements along which a new branch runs, this event is good news. When all Russian trains go this route, new jobs will appear, infrastructure will improve. The economy will recover a little.