In winter, it is easier to gain extra kilos than in the warm months. The body stores energy, so it is very reluctant to consume calories. People try to keep warm by eating more food than usual. Overeating has a negative effect on the figure. What are the rules for winter food? What is it necessary to eat in cold weather, so as not to get fat? Of course, it is better to focus on fruits and vegetables, abstaining from a large number of sweets and baked products. If you like meat, eat it with vegetables and porridge.

What other advice should be followed in order not to have to quickly lose weight before spring?

Winter products for a slim figure


As a rule, the winter increases the number of mandarins, oranges and other similar fruits in the stores. They not only contain vitamin C, which is so necessary during the period of frost. Citrus will help to speed up the metabolism, and therefore not gain extra weight.


This fruit is almost the only one that is native to the region and is freely available in winter. Apples contain iron, which is so necessary for the body.


This product is valuable and nutritious. A handful of nuts can replenish the body with necessary microelements and satisfy your hunger. Cashews, almonds, and hazelnuts are a great snack between meals.


To look attractive in winter, do not forget about oily fish. Amino acids contained in this product will benefit the nails, hair, and skin.


It is hard to do without protein. If you like meat, do not deny yourself this delicacy. Just give preference to low-fat types: turkey, rabbit, white chicken meat.


Eating vegetables is helpful at any time of the year. In winter, choose seasonal products: cabbage, beets, carrots. It is possible to eat vegetables in raw form or after heat treatment.

Products, which should be limited


Excessive consumption of sweets and cakes has a negative impact on the size of a waist.

Bakery products

Eating large amounts of carbohydrates has not helped anyone to lose weight.

Oily meat

Be careful with the meat products. Oil is not only detrimental to the figure but can provoke the development of various diseases of the circulatory system.


This product contains very little vitamins. But there are a lot of starch in potatoes.

Vegetables and fruits imported from other countries

To preserve fruits marketable appearance after the long roads, they are treated with special solutions. It is unlikely that such products will bring benefits to the body.

Physical exercises

Regular exercise will bring only benefit your figure. You can go to the gym or do a set of exercises at home. Make it a rule to walk in the fresh air. Boardwalks positively affect the waist and on health generally.