Rowan trees are quite widespread in the countries of Europe and Asia. Most often the berries of this plant we perceive as a food for birds. There are folk omens which are associated with ashberries. For example, the more berries are on the trees, the colder winter will be.

It turns out that rowan is very useful for people.

Fight against viruses

Mountain ashberries contain large amounts of vitamin C. Therefore, some infusions, jams, juice of these berries can be used for the prevention of colds. It is possible to cook tasty and healthy tea of the dried berries.

Lowering of blood pressure

It is recommended to use the berries of Aronia for people who suffer from hypertension. These fruits can be eaten fresh or in the form of decoction.

Cleansing of the digestive system

Rowan has a mild laxative effect. If you need to clean the organism, eat these berries for several days.

Prevention of atherosclerosis

Ashberries can clean not only the digestive tract but also blood vessels. The number of cholesterol cells reduces significantly with a regular use of these products.

Cough treatment

Rowan infusion decreases a cough, and also removes the residual effects after bronchitis. Moreover, a beverage made from rowan berries is recommended even for people suffering from tuberculosis. This infusion relieves the condition of the patients.

The supporters of traditional medicine argue that the mountain ash fruits can deal with warts. For this purpose, you should cut the berries and attach it with a bandage or plaster to growths on the skin. After regular performing of this procedure within a week, the wart will disappear.