The long-awaited launch date of Falcon Heavy will soon come

Many times he loudly announced the launch of Falcon Heavy. And after a static fire test, a record was published that it would happen on February 6 at Cape Canaveral. Ilon Mask, as usual, reported this news on Twitter. According to some sources, this will happen at 13:30, as the company will have a three-hour break at this time.

The head of the company is quite ready to the fact that something will go wrong, and Falcon Heavy will not go into orbit or even explode. At what the absence of an explosion, he will perceive as success. Because of such a probability, there will be no payload on board the rocket.

But Mask is not going to send Falcon Heavy with a metal bar or other boring «ballast».

Therefore, in December, he surprised the subscribers with a joke about the fact that the ship will send his cherry Tesla Roadster. And during the flight will play a song by David Bowie Space Oddity. It turned out that he did not joke at all, and even published a photo, which shows that the car is securely installed in the compartment for payload. So the electric car will soon fly into space. In Instagram, Mask said that he wanted to send there something that causes feelings. Earlier, on board Dragon, traveled a large piece of cheese. So the payload has already become something typically original.

Falcon Heavy was supposed to go into space in August, but the terms were repeatedly postponed. The missile itself is a system of three missiles. This device was invented to deliver cargo with the crew (a total of not more than 54.4 tons) to a low reference orbit. In addition, the rocket can deliver cargo even to Mars or to a geo-passage orbit. This task is one of the most difficult projects for the company. Falcon Heavy is designed to reduce the cost of flights to space and the delivery of goods there. This spacecraft is the largest in decades. So launching a rocket is an event of a civil scale.

They already sell tickets for the launch. The most «luxury» places cost $ 195.