American actress Meryl Streep uncomplimentary commended the newly elected President of the United States, Donald Trump. Her statement the winner of three Oscars рфы made during the awarding ceremony of Golden Globes.

M.Strip accused Donald Trump in the humiliation of human dignity. To confirm her words, Hollywood diva remembered the case when Trump parodied journalist with disabilities.

The US President did not leave without attention to the application of the actress. He noted that her achievements in the cinematography are too exaggerated. Trump also said that such behavior of the actress was connected to the fact that she had supported Hillary Clinton during the elections.

Colleagues’ help

Other actors, in turn, have supported their colleague, opposing D.Tramp. In particular, the famous American actor Robert De Niro wrote a letter. He expressed admiration by the speech of Meryl Streep. De Niro said that the actress had commented this unworthy act of the President very subtly and aptly.