During the creation of a modern movie, the directors are increasingly turning to the subject of robots. Rise of the machines is the quite popular and demanded plot. This is not surprising because the technology is developing by leaps and bounds.

Nobody knows what awaits humanity in the near future. The scientists around the world are working on the creation and improvement of machines with artificial intelligence. There are already robots that can independently express emotions and recognize the mood of people. What will be next?

The representatives of the European Parliament are seriously concerned about this issue. They consider that today the planet is on the cusp of this industrial revolution. MPs are going to make a decision on granting the status of «electronic identity» to robots.

In their report, the deputies put forward a clear requirement for developers of intelligent machines. MPs insist that each robot will be equipped with a device to be forced off.

It is important to protect the world’s population from any risks associated with electronic machines, using all possible ways.

The most popular American films about the uprising of robots

Terminator (all the parts, since 1984), directed by James Cameron

I, Robot (2004), directed by Alex Proyas

Transformers (2007), directed by Michael Bay

Robotropolis (2011), directed by Christopher Hatton