The ceremony of the Pulitzer Prize Rewarding took place in New York. The most successful journalists, photographers and  literary figures of the year were awarded.

The list of the winners had already been known in spring, but the celebration has been held just now. The agency Associated Press, the newspaper The Los Angeles Times, reporters from the Tampa Bay News editions, Sarasota Herald-Tribune, and many others are among the recipients. The complete list of the winners is available on the official website of the Pulitzer Prize.

This event was held at Columbia University. Lee Bollinger, the President of the university, awarded the winners. The venue of the ceremony is not accidental. Joseph Pulitzer, the founder of the prize, bequeathed the money to the winners of this institution. The Faculty of Journalism at Columbia University is considered to be one of the most prestigious in the world.

It is worth noting that the ceremony of this year is an anniversary. The award was presented for 100 times.