French Parliament has passed a law. It allows the employees to ignore e-mails and phone calls of colleagues and authorities in the nonworking time. So, a good rest of workers will be provided after a busy day.

The meaning of this legal act is ensuring people having an opportunity to relax during the week after work, on weekends or on the holidays.

Modern technologies allow employees to be always in touch. This negatively affects the physical and mental health of the population.

It should be noted that France has one of the shortest working weeks. Its duration is 35 hours.

Unfortunately for the employees of French companies, the law does not point the fines which will be applied to the heads of organizations in case of violation of the established norms.

World experience

Similar restrictions are already in force in other developed countries. For example, in the German car company Volkswagen the servers cease to operate in a half an hour before the official end of the working day. Therefore, the managers can not send any messages to their subordinates at the end of work.