Repeated water boiling can cause serious damage to the human body. Tap water contains large amounts of impurities. During the heating, their chemical composition varies, becoming dangerous.

After the first boiling of the water, microbes disappear. Reheating contributes to the destruction of mineral elements that are in the water. Instead, you get liquid with hazardous substances.

The more you boil the same water, the greater the likelihood of toxic compounds and elements appearance.


According to the World Health Association, this toxic substance sometimes is added to water for disinfection. Of course, the dose is too small to be harmful to human health. But regular use of this poison gives no benefit.


Fluorine compounds, which are contained in the water, become fluoride after boiling. According to the scientists, these trace elements are harmful to the human nervous system. They may even cause a lag in the development of children.


A lot of things has been said about the dangers of these compounds. Boiling water with nitrates can cause cancer of bowel, esophagus, pancreas, and other organs.