Almost all the people periodically faced with the necessity of interior renovation. Since the repair is not an everyday procedure, there may be some difficulties. You can glue the new wallpaper.

Some questions may appear. What material is preferable? Where can we buy wall covering for the house? In addition, not everyone knows how to hang wallpaper correctly.

The choice of building materials is enough varied in today’s world.

Types of wallpaper

Made of paper. It is the most accessible and environmentally friendly. This wall covering passes the air and contributes the sound insulation. This kind of wallpaper can be patterned or monophonic. Then you will be able to periodically “refresh” the interior, changing the color of the walls. Paper wall covering is not very durable. Their service life is not more than 5 years.

Vinyl. This type of wall covering is more strong and durable. Vinyl wallpaper consists of two layers: actually vinyl and paper substrate. This is more attractive than ordinary covering. Its service life can reach 15 years. A significant disadvantage of vinyl wall covering is that it does not pass the air.

Textile. This type of wallpaper is made on the basis of fabric. It is ecologically pure and soundproof. Textile wall covering has a high degree of thermal insulation. It needs much care because textile wallpaper attracts dust.

Flizelin. This wallpaper passes air perfectly. Due to the dense structure, it levels the walls and hides roughness. This wall covering can also be painted.

Modern building technologies develop rapidly. In addition to these types, you can also find on the shelves some liquid, suberic and fiberglass wallpaper.

You can buy wallpaper for the house in the specialized shops or on the construction markets. It is also possible to choose the desired goods on the Internet.

After making your selection, the question arises: how should you glue wallpaper? First of all, it is necessary to align the walls. You can use a primer for this purpose. It is very important to choose the proper glue. Each type of wallpaper needs its special cure. Also, you can buy a universal glue. If you can’t decide yourself then contact a consultant at the store.

Pretty and a qualitatively stuck new wallpaper will please you every day.