The remains of a feathered dinosaur were found in a piece of amber.

Chinese paleontologist bought amber on the market. Dinosaur’s tail, covered with feathers was discovered inside the mineral. The remains belong to the creature that lived on the land for almost a hundred million years ago.

The results of the finding’s study are described in the scientific journal article Current Biology.

The experts have determined that the dinosaur was a very small size, not exceeding 15 centimeters in height. Its body was covered with feathers.

Eight vertebrae were found in amber. According to the researchers, the dinosaur stuck in the resin, and could not get out of it. Unfortunately, the experts did not find the traces of animal’s blood. So while it is not possible to determine the DNA of a dinosaur, which is called a distant ancestor of modern birds. Unlike its feathered relatives, this species of dinosaurs could not fly. The scientists suggest that the found animal was carnivorous.