A recount of votes will be conducted in the several American states, which have been given during the presidential elections. Jill Style has put forward such an initiative. She was a candidate for the presidency of the Green Party. The election headquarters of Hillary Clinton have supported the proposal.

The recount procedure has been launched in the state of Wisconsin. It is also planned to check the results in Pennsylvania and Michigan. These states have played a decisive role in the victory during the presidential elections of Republican Donald Trump.

The sociological surveys in the aforementioned states had prophesied a landslide victory the leader of the Democratic Party, Hillary Clinton. So, the election results raise doubts among the voters, as well as some politicians.

According to the experts, the recount will hardly affect the election outcomes but may cause unrest among the US population. Besides, it is a quite expensive process.

Reaction of Donald Trump

The newly elected president has sharply commented on the upcoming procedure of voices’ recount. He noted that the representatives of the Green Party just wanted to get rich that way. And Democrats who joined them will only contribute to this.

Analogous cases in history

After winning of George W. Bush during the US presidential election, his opponent Albert Gore also demanded a recount. It has not affected the results of elections.