Ideal figure is the dream of each of the fair sex.

In pursuit of a beautiful figure, fashion-mongers are ready to go to great lengths. They are not afraid of the most rigid diets. The main thing is achieving the goal: to conquer the hearts of men and cause envy of the friends. The doctors do not always support the need for such radical solutions. The specialists even made a list of diets that is strictly not recommended to use for weight loss. At best, the radical diets will not have any effect. At worst – the methods of weight loss may cause serious harm to human health.

Lemonade-pepper diet

This weight loss method involves the use of warm water with lemon juice, cayenne pepper, and maple syrup for ten days. Any other food can not be taken. This diet is very popular among the foreign stars. It is assumed that this cocktail cleanses the body, removes toxins from it. But the doctors categorically disagree with this. Ingredients included in the composition of the drink, are not able to fulfill those functions. Furthermore, this cocktail can cause irritation of the gastric mucosa. Also, this drink is contraindicated for people suffering from diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

Cabbage soup diet

Weight reduction using cabbage soup is another kind of diet. This low-calorie dish will help to lose quickly a lot of extra kilos. But during this diet, the body receives practically no nutrients. The state of health may significantly deteriorate. By the way, this applies to all mono-diet. Moreover, in compliance with the cabbage diet, you should be ready for constant abdominal distention.

Baby food

This diet is invented by American fitness trainers. According to them, a person, eating small portions of baby food of jars, moves to split meals. Eating small portions helps to lose weight faster. But the doctors are not sure of the benefit of such a diet. Firstly, an absence of chew’s necessity can adversely affect the digestive system and the state of the jaws. Secondly, baby food does not contain all the sufficient mineral elements which are required to an adult organism.

Juice diet

This method of weight loss involves the use of only fresh juices for a certain time. Other food is completely eliminated from the diet. The benefit of such a diet is not scientifically proven. In addition, after the return to a normal ration extra weight will reappear. This effect is caused by the fact that during the juice diet metabolism slows down.

Drug’s diet

A lot of miraculous pills, which are spread on the market, promise immediate effect with minimal efforts from your side. It is enough to drink a pill, and you can eat everything. Extra kilograms disappear themselves. This is one of the most dangerous ways to lose weight. The use of drugs (especially without consulting a doctor) causes serious damage to health. Do not forget that the free cheese is only in a mousetrap. That is, one little pill can’t  solve all your problems.

Weight reduction is a constant and laborious work. If you want to look good, you need working on yourself all the time, not sparing any efforts.