The unusual discovery was made by the archaeologists on the Yucatan Peninsula. They carried out a research in the center of the Mayan culture Chichen Itza. In one of the pyramids, the scientists have found an interesting discovery. The presence inside the pyramid of Kukulkan a small structure was known for a long time. This discovery has been made back in the 30s of the 20th century. But it turned out that the smaller pyramid also contains another one. It appears that the structure was built on the principle of a nesting doll.

Mexican archaeological group has worked under the direction of Rene Chavez Seguro. According to the analysis of radio-electronic, the smallest pyramid is 10 meters high. A medium one has a height of 20 meters. The biggest is 30 meters.

Pyramid of Kukulkan is a temple building which has survived among the ruins of the Maya settlement. This construction is one of the most visited cultural attractions of Mexico. The Mayan have built this temple in honor of the supreme deity Kukulkan. Most often it is depicted as a feathered serpent with a human head. Kukulcan was considered to be the god of three elements: water, fire and air.

This is not the first ancient building in the form of nesting doll, that was found by the scientists. Pyramid of Cholula in the Mexican state of Puebla contains at least five constructions of different sizes.