It’s a well-known fact, that breakfast is one of the most important ingestions during the day. Especially for pupils. They need a lot of energy for studying new material.

The doctors consider that schoolchild should eat for breakfast the 25 % of the daily norm.

What should pupil’s breakfast consist of? First of all, the food must be hot and nutritious. For example, some porridge, fried eggs, scrambled eggs or pudding (of vegetables, meat or cottage cheese). Also if your child likes to eat fish, you can bake it in the oven or in the steamer. Vegetables will be suitable for this dish. For the fans of meat, their parents can cook cutlets or chops. You can also make a healthy salad from vegetables.

It will be good to offer some drinks, for example, tea, cacao, juice or compote of fresh fruit and berries.

If your children don’t like to eat early in the morning you can give them only something to drink.

But in this case, your child should have a good breakfast at school.

If you want to provide a happy life for your kids you must take care of their health.