Many people can’t imagine their life without a cup of hot tea. Someone likes green tea. Others prefer to brew black varieties of this drink. You can select a large leaf, medium and small tea. There are many tea varieties and methods of its use. Here are some rules to the tea-drinking which will bring you only benefit.

How you shouldn’t drink tea

  • Do not take too hot drink. If the tea temperature exceeds 60 degrees, the drink is detrimental to the gastrointestinal tract.
  • Avoid too strong tea. This drink contains more caffeine than coffee has. Abuse of strong tea can cause headaches and insomnia.
  • Do not repeatedly brew the same tea leaves. They do not remain useful substances.
  • Try not to drink tea immediately after a meal. By the way, this applies to any beverage. Drinking beverages directly after a meal slows down the digestion process.
  • Refuse the yesterday’s tea.  Bacteria begin to multiply. Furthermore, the beverage contains a too large amount of amino acids and fluorine.
  • Do not wash down medicine with tea. The substances contained in the beverage may prevent full absorption of drugs.

Rules of tea-drinking

  • Take only freshly brewed tea.
  • The water temperature for preparation of black tea should not exceed 95 degrees. For green one, the figure is 80 degrees.
  • You can add sugar, milk or lemon in the cooked drink.
  • It is better to abandon from pastries, cookies, and buns during the tea-drinking. But if you want to eat something tasty, it should be liberally washed down with strong tea. This drink helps the digestive system to process heavy food.

Drink tea properly!