Almost every day we can become the participants of disputes and conflicts. These can be some small misunderstandings in the public transport or big quarrels with relatives. People want to defend their point of view, to prove their right in these situations. A quarrel is often held in a raised voice. We do not think that cry moves us away from the purpose to convince an interlocutor. How should we argue properly?

Make sure that you are versed in the subject of the conflict. If you try to prove the correctness to another person, make sure that you are competent in the question, which is discussed.  You must be confident in your knowledge, and not be based on rumors or guesses. Otherwise, you simply lose your authority in the eyes of the interlocutor. Nobody will listen to you.

Hide your emotions deeper. We often become too emotional during a quarrel. We begin to cry and even offend our interlocutor. It is impossible to convince of something other people in this situation.  They will have a protective reaction. Finally, you will quarrel. Calm down and then continue your conversation.

Control your words. In a fit of anger, you can say too much. You run the risk of losing a friend if you accidentally say something offensive. Stop and analyze if it is important to say your thoughts aloud. It is much easier to keep silent than to adjust relations. Sometimes it is impossible to liquidate unpleasant “precipitate”.

Don’t forget that everybody can be wrong. And in some situations, you can be that person. Your interlocutor can be quite right. If your dispute is at a deadlock, you should try to put yourself in the opponent’s place. Look at the problem from his position. This will help you to calm down and reach a mutual understanding.

Remember that steadiness and common sense is the key to proper, productive dispute.