Not all products can be eaten on an empty stomach. If you don’t want to harm your health, it is important to eat well before taking some kinds of food.

For example, it is better to drink morning coffee after the breakfast. This refreshing beverage can cause irritation of the stomach if you drink it on an empty stomach.

Fresh juices are also not recommended to drink on a fast. They contain acid which provokes abdominal pain. This applies particularly to citrus fresh. You should also refrain from eating fresh fruit before food intake.

Dairy products are best eaten after the main meal. Otherwise, you can disrupt the digestive system.

A glass of soda, drunk on a fast, can cause spasms and pain in the stomach. It is better to confine yourself warm water without gas.

You should refrain eating sweets on an empty stomach. They overload the pancreas and interfere with the proper functioning of the stomach.

Spicy foods, eaten on a fast, irritate the gastrointestinal tract. You may experience sharp pain in the stomach.

Good breakfast for you and your children.