Engagement of Prince Harry and Megan Markle

Yesterday it was officially announced that the couple will soon be married.
This event provoked a contradictory reaction from the members of the royal family. After all, Prince Harry and Megan Markle are not quite a standard pair for their circle.

There were rumors that initially the queen was against the marriage of the prince on the actress.

Although later Harry himself said that with the task of obtaining the approval of his relatives, she coped wonderfully, and already became a member of the family. Even the royal dogs loved her and peacefully fell asleep at the feet of the girl.

Megan from the middle class, she studied at the Catholic school for girls. She was born in Los Angeles, and has mixed roots. The actress is most known for her constant participation in the filming of the series «Force Majeure» (Suits). The American actively participates in charitable programs and cooperates with UN Women. There she received the respect of others for her intelligence, curiosity and dedication.

As a couple, Prince Harry and Megan Markle publicly appeared in September. Then the press fell on them with criticism, and the prince had to turn to the press with a request to respect his personal life. The couple looks in love and really happy in a relationship. And it seems that they will not be stopped by such trifles as even general criticism. The prince says that his bride would have liked Princess Diana, his mother.
The wedding is planned for the spring. The Prime Minister of Great Britain congratulated them on their engagement and wished them a bright future.