The artists can use different materials for creation their masterpieces. Paintings of sand, leaves, fabric, natural hair… It all depends on the imagination of the author. The original idea came up the artist from Shanghai Hong Yi Red. She created a portrait of seeds. The painting depicts the artist Ai Weiwei.

Red Hong Yi is the most restless inventor and mistress. She uses a variety of materials for her masterpieces. Some of them are simply amazing.

Her collection consists of the portrait made of a cup of coffee or an image of multi-colored socks. Also, the artist has a portrait of the famous singer Adele, made with melted candles.

Different materials to create masterpieces

Ai Weiwei from seeds

Adele from melted candles

Portrait of the singer Jay Chou of coffee cup

Image of the politician Aung San Suu Kyi of carnations

Director Zhang Yimou of socks

Mark Zuckerberg of books