Porridge is one of the most useful dishes. It contains a whole range of vitamins and minerals as well as cellulose and complex carbohydrates. The nutritionists recommend eating this product for breakfast, replacing sandwiches and scrambled eggs. Lately, porridge is undeservedly forgotten. But in ancient times, porridge always was on the table of the Slavs. It is also entered the folk sayings. People say about a weak, sickly person: “He ate a little porridge”. Today the assortment of cereals is wide enough.

Why are different types of porridge so useful?


Buckwheat considered being one of the most useful cereals. It contains large amounts of vitamins B1, B2, B6, B9, E, and PP. Additionally, buckwheat is a source of potassium, magnesium, phosphorus and iron. This porridge normalizes blood pressure. The fans of diets also appreciate the buckwheat. It is often used as a main component of the mono diet. This porridge feed organism. The weight doesn’t increase.



Like other cereals, rice contains complex carbohydrates. Due to this rice porridge is able to satisfy your hunger for a long time. This is one of the most low-calorie cereals. Rice does not cause allergies because it has no gluten. And it is very important for people who are prone to allergic reactions. Also, rice is a source of group’s B vitamins. Potassium contained in this cereal strengthens the heart’s muscle. Rice is recommended for people suffering from gastritis or stomach ulcer.



Oatmeal is often called the “porridge of beauty.” It is a source of cellulose, vitamins, and microelements. Oatmeal normalizes the level of acidity in the stomach. Also, this porridge is good for the organism cleaning. Oatmeal improves the skin condition. If you eat this porridge, the color of your face will become more healthy and attractive.



Millet porridge is not very popular. But it has a sufficient number of useful properties. Vitamin D as a part of this cereal strengthens nails and hair. Millet porridge is a source of vitamins, amino acids, and such essential fiber.



Pearl and fine-ground barley are produced from this plant. Pearl barley porridge is cooked from the whole grain barley and fine-ground one is made from crushed grains. Both of these cereals clean intestines very well. They are so-called “brooms”. Moreover, lysine prevents aging of the organism and improves skin condition. Vitamin A enhances immunity and improves vision.



Porridge made from corn is present in different cultures. These dishes have various names: hominy in Moldova, polenta in Italy, banosh in Ukraine. Corn porridge removes pesticides and excess fat from the body. Corn cereal is useful for people who lead a sedentary lifestyle.



A variety of cereals is produced of wheat, such as semolina, arnautka, couscous, bulgur, kamut, emmer. fricke, and properly wheaten. These cereals differ in the way of production and sort of wheat. Groat which is made from wheat is also very useful. Fiber improves digestion, cleanses the body of toxins. The skeletal system becomes stronger. Vitamin B stimulates the maturation of red blood cells.


As you can see, a variety of cereals is sufficiently large. Everyone can choose an appropriate porridge. It brings the organism a lot of benefits. We shouldn’t abandon of this natural, all available source of vitamins and microelements.