Plastic cards have become a part of everyday life of modern people. Ten years ago it was difficult to imagine that people wouldn’t use the money for making purchases. It is enough to have a card. And you can freely buy any product: from a loaf of bread to a large plasma TV.

The elder generation was difficult to reorganize themselves, but even many older people already easily use modern technologies. We are not talking about the young people. Modern teenagers do not imagine their life without the ATM, payment terminals and electronic payment systems. But you still need to carefully apply to such seemingly securely protected things.

Safety rules of plastic cards usage

Keep your purse with a card in a safe place. Make sure that the credit card can’t fall out of the bag.

Do not give your PIN code to extraneous people. Moreover, it is impossible to write it down on the back of the card. It is better to remember these four figures.

It is preferable to use ATMs, which are located in bank branches. Machines, which are located on the street, often fall under the influence of fraudsters. In addition, if there is a malfunction of the ATM, bank staff will help you. And in the middle of the street, it is more difficult to find help.

Carefully inspect the ATM before using it. Swindlers have a lot of methods which can help them to steal your money. If you find at the ATM a suspicious object, it is better to abandon the use of this machine.

While withdrawing money from the card, make sure that people behind don’t stand too close to you. By entering the code, try as much as possible to blank the dial pad from prying eyes.

Connect the mobile banking service. Then you will always be aware of moving the money on your card.