Not all plants are harmless as it may seem at first glance. Some of them are happy to eat the flesh. In addition, the victims themselves come to them. Depending on the size of the plant, the size of a victim also varies. Some may eat a small midge. Another has an afford to digest rodent. To capture the prey, plants predators use various traps, which are quite lovely at first glance.

Today, science knows a lot of plant species that are carnivorous. Here are the most popular ones.


This plant captures its victims through the leaves in the shape of lilies. A narcotic substance is at the edge of the leaves. Intoxicated insects fall into, and Sarracenia digests them.


This predator catches prey in the same way as the Sarracenia. Due to its large size, Nepenthes can grasp and digest small rodent.


This plant extracts food using adhesive leaves. Insects and midges, sitting on them, don’t have an opportunity to escape from captivity.


Predator, which grabs its victims with moving tentacles. Getting into the arms of a sundew, flies are unable to free themselves.

Venus flytrap

This plant catches midges and spiders using the trap of the two slabs. Trap compresses tightly and the victim can not escape.