Scientists have made a birth photo of the planet. Astrologers from the European Observatory in Germany, studying space and everything connected with it were able to fix an unusual phenomenon. More information about the event can be found on the website of the observatory. Formation of the planet takes place near the dwarf star PDS-70 near the constellation Centauri. It was called PDS 70b. Mass of not fully formed planet is several times larger than the mass of Jupiter. The temperature reaches 1000C. The image shows a bright and light spot to the right of the planet. To detect and photograph this phenomenon scientists were able using the device SPHERE — this is a huge and powerful telescope. The planet is formed in the protoplanetary disk of the star. The protoplanetary disk is the accumulation of gas around a newly formed star, where a new star is created in the near future. One of the theories of star formation is the nucleation of a planet from planetary particles colliding with each other. The study of this phenomenon will help to learn more about the stages of the formation of stars.