An important discovery was found by the paleontologists in the Gobi Desert. Paw imprint of a dinosaur (supposedly titanosaur) has dimensions of 70 cm by 100 cm. According to the scientists, it was left more than 70 million years ago. It was found in the geological layer. This footprint is saved very well.

This significant finding of science the paleontologists have discovered in the late summer. The expedition of the Japanese and Mongolian scientists worked under the guidance of Professor Sinobu Isigaki.

The paleontologists have concluded that this titanosaur was fairly large (more than 30 meters in length, 20 meters in height and weighed about 70 tons).

This paw imprint is very important for the scientists-paleontologists. Its study will help them to form an idea about these huge beings more clearly.

The members of the expedition continue their excavations. They hope to find something significant.

Similar discoveries were found two years ago in South America. Then the scientists have found the largest fragment of the titanosaur’s skeleton.